Meet Our Team

An essential part of our company's quest for excellence is that American City Pest & Termite, Inc. values and respects our employees. Many of our employees have been with us for over 10 years. They are self-motivated and paid above industry average. Our employees know their jobs and income depend on satisfied customers and they care about the needs of each customer.

Our technicians are licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board through the State of California. Many of our technicians have 10 to 20 years' experience in the pest/termite control field. We require our employees to attend monthly technical and safety training classes to ensure that their competency remains at the highest possible levels. It is also a time to celebrate the “Employee of the Month” which is given to the technician who has gone out of his way for the company and/or for our customers. We also have “Clean Truck Awards” for the technicians with the most immaculate trucks. We believe a clean, organized truck leads to more efficient service for our customers.

American City Pest & Termite, Inc.
American City Pest & Termite, Inc.

Training is not just for the technicians in the field, but also for our office staff who answer the phones, identify pest problems, and schedule appointments. Ninety-seven percent of our employees, including the office staff, are licensed by the State of California to perform pest and termite control services.

Cindy Ziemke

Cindy Ziemke, President

Cindy Ziemke, President, is the daughter of Jim and Celia Shockey. She has worked at American City Pest officially since 1986. Cindy worked her way up in the office while also working in the field earning her Applicator, Field Rep, and then Operators Licenses. In 2001, Cindy was promoted to President and is responsible for the day to day operations of the entire company. She is passionate about providing great customer service and growing the company as well as making this the best place to work in our industry. When not at work Cindy enjoys her family, entertaining friends, and weekend trips!

Andrea Moreno

Andrea (Andi) Moreno, General Manager

Andrea (Andi) Moreno is our General Manager. She joined our company in 1995 as a customer service representative. Her dedication to customer service and desire to earn her pest & termite licenses has helped her move up the ranks. In 2005, Andi was promoted to General Manager. Andi's incredible attention to detail is an asset to our customers, employees, and the organization and efficiency of the office. Andi is a great person and has become a great friend to all of us over the years. She is honest, dependable, and totally trustworthy. When not at work, Andi enjoys spending time with her daughter, leading a Girl Scout troop, and all the activities and trips that entails. She is also enjoying her new puppy Molly!

Greg Bausch

Greg Bausch, Operations Manager

Greg Bausch, Operations Manager, joined our company in 2009 with 23 years of experience in the pest control industry. With 10 years in the field as a service technician and over 10 years of management experience, Greg is familiar with all aspects of the business. His knowledge is an asset when he is talking to customers and employees alike. As an Associate Certified Entomologist, Greg provides in-house training and is always ready to share his knowledge with the team. When not at work, Greg enjoys hiking, biking, and outdoor activities as well as spending time with his family and his German Shepard Ava.